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We deal with all major banks and a number non-bank lenders.
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Our knowledge and expertise can help you navigate the often-complicated process of purchasing a business.


Business purchase loans

Purchasing a business can provide a range of financial and personal benefits, allowing someone to pursue their passions, secure their financial future, and create a legacy for themselves and their family. If you’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to break out into the business world but want financial assistance beforehand, MCA is here to help.

Why MCA?

Why it pays to work with us

Get the assistance you need

Commercial finance brokers specialise in helping businesses, big or small. Just like other types of finance brokers who connect you with the right product for your type of loan, a commercial finance broker connects you to loans for your business.

A commercial finance broker can help you navigate through the various choices, complexities and different business needs. It’s more than just about accessing a loan with the best interest and low fees.

At Mortgage Capital Australia we can:

  • Assist you through the business loan application process
  • Simplify the different types of loans available
  • Help you get the best interest rate for your business
  • Show you how to reduce fees
  • Help you achieve your business goals now and in the future
Independence and a new lease on life

Purchasing a business can allow you to transition into a new career and give you independence. Using MCA in this journey can help you gain control over your work and financial future, and pursue your passions and goals.

Breaking into the market

You may want to buy a well-established business that can provide a stable income stream and a potential for growth, leading to a better financial future. In particular, the business you’d like to purchase may be in a growing industry with untapped potential. Purchasing it can provide an opportunity to capitalise on the growth and profitability of that market. MCA gives you the chance to take advantage of that opportunity by providing you with the best low-cost loans possible.

Growing your existing enterprise

Perhaps you’re already a business owner and wish to expand. Purchasing a business that is already set up can provide easy access to economies of scale, enabling you to take advantage of cost savings and increased efficiency while you grow.

Which lenders do you deal with?

We can deal with all major bank and a number of non-bank lenders. We have a panel of approximately 45 lenders to choose from.

What makes us different?

Choose MCA for growth

When we work with you, it’s our relationships with lenders that make a difference. There’s a lot more involved in getting a business loan than filling out a form and providing financial statements.

Mortgage Capital Australia will put your business’ best interests forward. We’ll highlight the positives and mitigate the negatives. We’ve brokered many business loans on behalf of clients, so we have the experience and a healthy negotiation position with lenders.

We understand the finance industry and how to best position your business to take advantage of lending opportunities, products, rates and fees.

And as your business grows, we’ll be right here with you. We’ll keep you informed of what’s changing in the industry and how this affects your business choices and goals.

Facts & Figures

Proven experience and results in mortgage broking

We have been running since 2017, but the experience of our team in the lending and banking space goes back almost 50 years!  Ultimately, it’s our fast, boutique approach, and close contact with over 40 different lenders across the country that proves our mortgage broking abilities.


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We strongly believe that loan products should be easy to understand, easy to access, and allow you peace of mind.

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