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Tacking Point



The new St James Chapel is central on the Castle Hill Anglicare site, adjacent the heritage listed Lober House and at the heart of the community precinct.

Anglicare invited early involvement from Lipman for the design development and value management of the St James Chapel on a single select, negotiated basis.

The project involves a chapel and hall that combine for large gatherings via large, operable walls in the connecting corridor. The project scope also includes upper and lower entry foyers, an extensive forecourt, back of house areas, 21 basement carpark spaces, connection into existing underground parking and a 32.64 m steeple.

Hilliard Drive, Castle Hill
Fit-Out & Refurbishment
Lump Sum
Hilliard Drive, Castle Hill
Completion Date

Designing for Success

The result of our involvement is a design outcome that is respectful of the original architectural intent and an 18 % saving on the project construction cost. A vertically oriented terracotta facade was central to the architectural concept. Lipman reviewed eight ventilated terracotta rain screen systems to resolve this requirement. With the assistance of our consultant team, Lipman also developed and innovative weather seal within the ventilated cavity to mitigate any risk of water ingress.

Design development of the perforated aluminium ‘veil’ resulted in a rationalised sub-structure and perforation pattern that improved manufacture, assembly and safety outcomes. Lipman review and development of alternative structural and services design ensured that the performance brief provided by Anglicare is satisfied and that a ‘best for project’ solution has been delivered for our Client. This project points to the value, trust, and certainty that Lipman delivers for new and repeat clients alike.

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