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Coffs Harbour Education Campus

Trades Hub


learning experiences

Redevelopment to the existing N Block from 600m2 to 3,100m2, including new two tiered car parking adjacent to the existing operation O Block car park, an increase of 78 car spaces.

The extension to Block N provides a new Applied Construction and Plumbing Technologies Hub (CHEC Trades Hub), which includes a drainage workshop, multipurpose workshop, inground trench workshop, office spaces and classrooms, increasing the area of the new build by approximately 2,500m2, plus refurbished/reuse area of an existing building (Block N) of approximately 600m2, giving a total building area of approximately 3,100m2.

In addition to the main building, approximately 78 car parking spaces were constructed in order to compensate for the loss of car parking at the existing Block N site. The carpark is multi-tiered and marries into the existing Block O carpark, which remained operational throughout construction.

Hogbin Dr, Coffs Harbour
Lump Sum
Hogbin Dr, Coffs Harbour
Completion Date

Delivering new
training places

The CHEC Health Hub harnesses the latest technology to deliver students interaction-rich and work-based learning experiences. This specialist Trades facility offers a wider range of courses – significantly expanding Plumbing, Carpentry & Electrical training opportunities on the Coffs Coast. The CHEC Trades Hub will deliver 200 new training places and significantly expand trades training opportunities on the Mid North Coast.

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