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Coffs Harbour Hospital

Early Works


Access Re-alignment
Service Relocations

Carry out access re-alignment and service relocations as part of the overall Coffs Harbour Hospital Expansion project at the Coffs Harbour Health Campus for NSW Government Health Infrastructure.

The access realignment includes civil works to re-align the main road access to the hospital off the Pacific Highway outside of the proposed main works building footprint. The civil works also includes the expansion of one of the hospitals car parks.

The service relocation aspect of the project involves relocating all existing in ground services that are currently within the proposed new building footprint. Services to be relocated include high and low voltage power, sewer, stormwater, fire hydrant line, gas, medical gas, ITC and security.

Health Infrastructure
345 Pacific Highway COFFS HARBOUR NSW 2450
Construction Management
345 Pacific Highway COFFS HARBOUR NSW 2450
Completion Date

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