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RT Health

Surry Hills


Refurbishment of an existing Heritage Class 1 Building to cater for the growth of RT Health Fund in NSW. The project consisted of the addition of 2 new levels and a plant room on the existing building. Comprising a basement carpark, ground floor call centre and office levels to serve as RT Health Central Hub.

An independent structural steel skeleton was constructed and concealed behind the heritage facade to take both the old and new loads imposed by the building. Future structural capacity was built in for 2 additional levels. Independent core walls parallel to the adjacent building were also built to account for any unforseen differential settlement.
This issue was addressed and monitored by an intricate and extensive staged underpinning exercise to the entire lenght of the adjacent wall.

Services design completion responsibilities allowed Lipman to add value in the selection and quality of fittings and systems integrated into the building. Furniture items selected in co-ordination with the client and architect demonstrate the level of detail and quality represented throughout the project.

Railway & Transport Health Fund Pty Ltd
1-9 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills
Fit-Out & Refurbishment
Lump Sum
1-9 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills
Completion Date

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