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University of Western Sydney

Anatomy Building


Anatomy Building

The UWS Anatomy Building 24 at Campbelltown is a new state-of-the-art teaching facility for the School of Health Science and School of Medicine. The facility consists of Cadaver Store facilities, clinic rooms, PC2 laboratories and office areas. The building is 3 stories with a Roof Plantroom.

The new 4 level structure was built between two existing 2 storey buildings. Works involved major underpinning of an existing fire stair, excavation under existing live class environments and working adjacent to two live buildings.

University of Western Sydney
Brian Smith Drive, Campbelltown
Lump Sum
Brian Smith Drive, Campbelltown
Completion Date

quality build

The UWS Anatomy Building 24 project was a project involving major underpinning, coordination and multiple staged works. The building consists of a new 40 body Cadaver store, medical PC2 laboratories, preparation areas and Clinical practice rooms which will allow full operation by UWS staff and students. Major engineering was required to underpin existing structures as there were existing stairwells and slabs which needed to be connected to new structure. The building is medically specific, highly detailed and finished to exceptional quality.

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