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UTS Great Hall

& Ramp


Refurbishment &
Extension of Hall

The new school combines the Ballina High School and Southern Cross School.

The consolidated high school features the latest technology and innovative classroom design to ensure students are learning in the best possible environments. Built to prepare students for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow, the school features new flexible learning spaces so students can work on group and individual projects that require research, problem-solving and critical thinking.

This project was delivered in conjunction with Bennett Constructions.

University of Technology Sydney
Thomas Street, Ultimo
AS 4000 – 1997 + Amendments Nos. 1 & 2
Thomas Street, Ultimo
Completion Date


The two most complex portions of the project were the ‘mantle’ and the new glazed façade, both of which were design development portions of the works. The mantle design was developed using a scripted 3D design program which meant there was no hand drawings for this portion of the work. Given the mantle was installed into an existing space meant the design and scripting needed to be to the millimetre. There were approximately 1200 individual panels and over a million perforations throughout that not only aided with acoustics but also provided pathways for the return air for the new mechanical system. The coordination of the mantle and the services within took many countless hours of meetings, emails and the like to achieve.

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